VIDEO: Fire destroys house on N. Missouri Street

Jared Tucker, Plains-Valley Online News

ROSWELL-A Roswell family’s landscaping business is completely destroyed after a fire consumed the house which was storing the family’s equipment.

Around 10:30 this evening Roswell Fire Department responded to the 1700 block of N. Missouri in reference to a structure fire.
According to Roswell Fire Department Battalion Chief Steve Shannon, the contents of the structure were fully engulfed in fire when the first crews arrived.  Shannon says soon after his crews began to extinguish the flames, they were forced to stop when a power line collapsed on the rear of the structure.

“We had to then back off and protect the front structure until we could get the power company to come in,” Shannon said.

That delay from the electric company, he said, is what allowed the fire to grow and ultimately destroy the house, which sits on the rear of the lot next to a bigger house.

David Olague’s father lives in that bigger house.  Olague said $13,000 worth of landscaping equipment his family uses to make money is destroyed.

Investigators were just arriving on scene at time of interview, Shannon said, and would soon begin investigating what caused the fire.

No injuries were reported.

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